A Quarter Past

Before there was time, there were stars, dust, particles, collisions. We lived, we died, we returned to dust and stars. Time is a construct of modern humanity. Time makes us feel safe - as if we have control. 

Waining, waxing, eclipsing through the infinite, unaware of time.

Everything is measured in time: time to work, time to relax, time to marry, have children, and other societally ingrained notions; running out of time, time left before we die. We construct time to give meaning and purpose to our existence. To set goals. To uphold rules and maintain "civilized society."

 Our ancestors did not find a need for such methods of measurement and the constructs of the second, the minute, the hour. They arose with the sun, walked the earth, slept. 

Time is linear. But linear is a lie - a bedtime story we tell ourselves to help calm the nerves. Everything is exponential. The human mind does not grasp the idea of the exponential. Why would it? We are thousands of years worth of a conditioned linear mentality. Everything is at once. Birth. Death. Collision. Erratic bursts of sorrow, joy, pain. Past, present, future all in an endless expanse. All concurring at the exact same moment; never ceasing, never stopping. 

We speak of how "times have changed" or how "times are changing." From the human perspective this would seem accurate. Time is not changing. Time has never changed. Time is nonexistent. Nothing has changed, or will change because it is all simultaneous fluidity. Infinity is not a concept humanity readily grasps. We are infinite. All things are infinite - exponentially going on and on - no ending, no beginning. 

Yet we burden ourselves with this construct of time. Would we be freer without this false sense of comforting security? Or would the world burn as some might predict if "time" was abandoned? 

Out of destruction there is life - without death, the phoenix cannot rise from the ashes.

Maybe the world needs to burn. Fire arouses ideas of passion, creation, destruction, progress, urgency. There is a power in destruction. It breeds life. The old replaced with the infinite blank canvas of potential. Maybe "burning" would be the best thing yet to happen to humanity. To embrace fluidity, collision, the exponential infinity that is being. To embrace it would simultaneously end fear, stress, worry, anxiety. 

In essence, the utopian freedom that humanity has  idealized, written about, chased after for so long would be realized. 

Time is a construct of the human mind. Exponential infinite is true reality. 

I'm late for work again. 

The clock marches on, and we follow; forever tethered to it.