About the Designer

Amber Nifong is an NYC based fashion designer who specializes in custom one-off garments and high-end pieces. Nifong would describe her style as "Haute Macabre."  Her aesthetic is one of high fashion with an emphasis on dark imagery, ideas derived from the occult, and macabre themes, but all with a romantic twist.  She constantly uses juxtaposition in her designs - from opposing ideas/imagery, to contrasting structures in her garments.  Her focus is on twisting known concepts of art and fashion into unexplored and unique creations in her work.  Amber firmly believes that great design comes from constant research, learning, and trial and error.  She strives to be a constant pupil of the world around her and feels the procuring of skills and knowledge is an inexhaustible goal for her life.


Email:  amber.nifong@gmail.com

T: (336) 471 - 5698